Server Links

Data gathering and manipulation

  • Crawl designated websites daily to gain competitor intelligence.

  • Get supplier feeds via Ftp

  • Clean the feeds and process so we know the condition (New, spares, bulk renew, refurb or OEM)

  • We then run a series of SQL queries to find the cheapest supplier price for each item in the web store.

  • We run a similar query for competitor prices.

  • We then build a grid of web store price, competitor price and supplier price. We use a number of web store columns to build additional filters. (Product type, manufacturer etc.)

  • We build an MS Access table of all supplier prices daily.

Data use

  • Web store Intelligence

    • The web store can be updated from this program.

    • There are dedicated grids to warn on out of stock products and expensive products.

    • We have built a series of useful filters that speeds up the customers daily routines.

    • We also have a dashboard that takes information on web sales and displays them in a dashboard

  • Sales Intelligence

    • The MS Access file is attached to QuoteWerks a third party Sales order system.

    • Every Quote that is made has access to latest prices, also the supplier’s description.

    • These 2 facilities are a great time saver since the company dropships from a massive range of products.