Tech Shelf helped PSDC Ltd to build   Initial contact was made and the project was completed in three months, PSDC discussed with us their desire for a webstore. Magento was chosen, being a reliable and expandable  ecommerce platform. They chose Datadrivensystems because they could build and maintain the magento project.  

  • Gathering website content (i.e. data, pictures, specifications and text).
  • IceCat datasheet integration.
  • Designed a database “price change” system, based on supplier feeds.
  • Competitors research both manually and automated.
  • Provided customer service support.
  • Setup and managed Amazon AWS server hosting

Front end Development PSDC were a great client to work with, they gave the team access to Paul a technically able Director. Quickly the team built a simple specification.
  • Logo
  • Colour scheme
  • Basic functionality
  • Page requirements

Backend development

While this was taking place, another team at Datadrivensystems built a basic backend.
Detailed below are a few of the tools provided for control of the site.

Non-critical products are automatically updated. There is no competitor intelligence used in the price algorithm.  This tab is uses to check whether or not a product has a supplier by the part number. The supplier prices are updated daily with Techshelf feeds to make sure the product in the webstore are in stock with a supplier.

For the products that are actively being promoted a series of checks are made. Both Google Adwords and shopping are checked. This process is manual with good competitor intelligence.

In this tab below, Techshelf undertake competitor research in Google Adwords and Google Shopping price.

  • The first thing we do is choose the cheapest supplier.  

  • Search on Google Adwords and Shopping using the button provided and fill in the competitor price boxes.

  • By pressing 'best competitor today' button, instantly the cheapest competitor shows. The lasting done is to set recommended Google Adwords or Google Shopping price in order to beat the competitor price.

By all that means DataDrivenSystems UK try to achieves these:

  • keep a history of each product researched

  • being competitive in the market

  • keep a healthy margin for each product advertised.

Margin Control of Product on Magento

We can see margin and other important metrics once the data has been entered. The price displayed in the website is decided by a product manager. It is based upon a series of management guidelines. Another tab below display  prices on the magento webstore, supplier buy price, expected profit, and quantity of product in stock. The aim is to ensure that every product being advertised has a healthy margin. For example the profit color becomes red if the margin of a product falls below 7% but if more than that it becomes green.

Updating  Google Adwords and Google Merchant Center

The backend team have routines to automatically add products to the Magento database. Any change to the price of an advertised products is followed by an updating of Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center using Google Scripts.

Datadrivensystems created the display below to show information about all products on Techshelf webstore.

No Duplication of Products Added

Techshelf works with a Manufactures Part Number (MPN)

Using MPN allows us to make sure there are no duplicate products in webstore. Is very helpful to create a new product and check whether it has been made or not or even we could edit the product name to be SEO friendly through this tab. This can all be done in few click

Minimalize Faults in Price Changing

The web products are categorised as a general product or an advertised product.

This is the filter that allows us to use Google Scripts to keep the web store and Google in Synchronisation. This separation label uses in order to make sure that advertise products will not be changed but general products. Using this system, we minimize the fault in price changing.

Simply Importing images of product into magento back end

There is also another helpful tab to import images of product into magento back end. Just store data in csv file consists of part number, position images, and image file name. Then  just click insert new data button and the images will be in order displays on the webstore.

Importing specification of product into magento back-end

Sometimes add specification of products become a laborious thing to do but not here. In this panel, we collect the data through the open resource catalog icecat and stored in CSV. Later on, we do upload data in bulk just by pressing a single button and your specs just added in magento backend in no time. This tool is very helpful when you add hundreds of products or more

Tis tab allows us to quickly check competitor pricing.

For Techshelf,  this tool helps to maintain daily product price in Google Shopping is being synchronized in price with product price in the webstore

Daily Maintenance

The majority of the design and development has been completed.

We have an ongoing need to add new products and remove out of date products.

Customer Support

We also provide day to day customer support for Techshelf,