Wine App

Data Driven Systems app has been built for a Private wine collector

The customer had 21,000 bottles of wine, with 4,600 unique bottles. Our problem was to find any wine with just few clicks. The application would mainly be used on the iPad.

We use a number of rapid development tools but speed of construction was not an issue in this application. The customer is the CFO of a massive company who is cash rich but time poor. We were given a spreadsheet of the wine collection and we built this prototype.

The design brief was to simply find any wine is 4 clicks or less. The other requirement was that it should mimic a restaurant wine list on the iPad. After the prototype was produced it was agreed the customer would define the “wine list” order. A further change in the scope required it to work offline as the customer had the majority of his free time while on a plane.   .

First we added a simple login and register page for the app

This app filters the list by:


  • Red Wine

  • White Wine

  • Rose Wine


  • Sparkling Wine

  • Fortified Wine

  • Dessert Wine

There are additional filters for:

  • Age

  • Country of origin

  • Bottle size

The picture shows the initial choices  

In this picture below you can see the list displaying

  • the name of a wine

  • the country of origin

  • the capacity of the bottle

  • and also the quantity of bottles

“Large data sets are easier to visualise if the data is displayed in a variety of ways.”

Regular display

We tried to give a consistent look to the list while displaying all the relevant information. Without filters this list has 4,600 records.

The vertical list display

The customer conducts two types of tasting; a conventional comparative tasting and occasionally when variety allows a vertical tasting. (The same wine where only bottle size or year changes

In this tab, the customer can search the wine database using a range of criteria from type, year, country of origin, qty, bottle size and colour.

This picture below show how the customer builds a wish list. Just simply adding and removing items

The first prototype has been presented now we are waiting on the customer. There are 4,600 bottles to be put into order (Restaurant wine list style) for display in a scrollable list.