Datadriven Systems

DDS has a policy of training all staff, some of the websites are purely training components.

When working with people from a different cultural background there is often a need for extensive training.  We recruit young people primarily because they have not picked up so many bad habits. The downside is that their skill set may be more limited. At DDS everyone must spend a 3 months probationary period learning the company ethos.

Some of the web sites are built solely for training, they are included in the portfolio more as thank you to the trainee than a need to showcase that aspect of the company. We are trying to build modern clean sites, speed of loading is not so important in Asia where the internet connection is slow. Our first task is to persuade the trainees to build light, fast sites. The second task is much harder, we need a perfect product, although we are a commercial organisation; the customer should not suffer if we cannot complete the product in the budgeted time. Our mantra is always get it right and then deliver, not get it finished and deliver.

Most of our work is browser based programs that reside behind comprehensive security. The data is private and not available for people outside of the clients company to see. Techshelf and Serverlink style data systems are the core of our business.  We have skills in Html CSS and JavaScript but the majority of our products are heavy in MySQL. We love to move, organise and display large data sets.



  • Simple Html page

  • WordPress Site

  • Full branding

  • Magento development

  • Disconnected mobile apps

  • Databases with connectivity to existing data

  • Ftp and data import

 Admin related services

  • Web research

  • Finding "free" product data

  • Familiar with iceCat

  • Manufacturer image libaries

  • Competitor intelligence

  • Google Shopping logging

  • Simple data processing

  • Customer service